Moorhill Primary School Garden Project

September 11th 2017

Moorhill Primary School - Siemens Caring Hands

On Friday 14th July,  Electrium staff volunteered to spend the day at Moorhill Primary School, as part of Electrium/Siemens CSR Projects for Siemens Caring Hands. 20170717140936_0_Moorhill-Junior-School-Project.gif

Siemens Caring Hands, part of Siemens CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), contribute to the local community in many various ways; supporting schools, charities and community projects.

The Moorhill Primary School garden project, was to clear the overgrown pond area on the school grounds. The whole area was extremely over grown. It was difficult to get into the garden from overgrown weeds, trees and bushes.

As they got further back into the overgrown area. The pond was clearly visible, also discovering a weather station and a weather vane.

It was an extremely successful day, with the staff working their socks off to clear the whole pond area. They did a fantastic job, now the school can enjoy the lovely pond and they’ll be back again next month to clear the area back even further.

Thanks to Nat, Di, Kev, Mark and Gem for their hard work and a massive thank you to Nat, for organising and managing the whole project.

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