National Women in Engineering Day

September 11th 2017

Electrium Sales Ltd is supporting ‘National Women in Engineering Day’, taking place every year on 23rd June 2017, which is a day dedicated to raising the profile and celebrating the achievements of women in engineering.

Electrium has 3 sites, Cannock, Wythenshawe and Hindley Green. Where a variety of engineering activities are managed by some of our women in engineering. Meet a few of our extraordinary ladies...

Georgina Weir is a Production Engineer based at our Hindley Green site, Georgina has worked at Electrium for almost 20 years. Read about what Georgina had to say:

How did you become a Production Engineer?20170601092107_0_Georgina.jpg

I started at Electrium as an manufacturing assembly operative. When I was asked if I would be interested in running the assembly line, I set about learning all of the products and all the parts that went into the products and from there I applied for a job as product specialist. The more product knowledge I gained, the more it helped me through and here I am today... a Production Engineer.

 What does your job involve?

As a production engineer, my role consists of dealing with day to day issues that the shop floor may have. Anything and everything, from identifying faults, investigating production problems, repairing equipment quickly and efficiently, improving current operation, and ensuring quality assurance. Obviously that is also an important aspect of this job.

I also head up projects, including, introducing new product lines, applying new software for more up to date processes, deploying “Lean” and “Best Practice” processes and mindset. I write assembly procedures to ensure products are made to the correct specifications and carry out time studies to ensure we are costing products correctly whilst always looking at areas where we can improve the process

What do you enjoy about your job the most?

As part of my role I need to deal with a host of different departments, teams & individuals on all variety of levels in the organization, and being a social person I enjoy the continuous interaction. I enjoy problem solving, helping people & seeing the results.

Are there any other women in your job/department?

No there is no other women in my department.


Katia Luke is an IT apprentice at Electrium starting in November 2016. Here is what Katia had to say about being our youngest member of Electrium, in the IT department:20170614123234_0_Katia.jpg

How long have you worked at Electrium?

I have worked at Electrium for around 6 months; I began my apprenticeship in November 2016.

How did you decide that IT is for you?

I became an IT apprentice with Electrium after applying through a specialist IT College, since I knew that this was the industry that I had always wanted to go into.

What does your job involve?

On a daily basis my job involves supporting staff on use of devices and programs. Most of the time it is taking calls from users to resolve any operating or understanding issues that they may have, and then progressing onto fixing those problems with the support of colleagues in my department.

What do you enjoy about your job the most?

The thing I enjoy most about my job is that it is allowing me to learn and pick up new skills in the subject which I enjoy the most, whilst working for a global company.

Are there any other women in your job/department?

Within my department I am currently the only woman, working alongside seven men.


Janet Roadway is a Product Manager, based at the head office in Cannock, having worked for Electrium (Siemens) for 2 years, read about how Janet became a product manager:

It was more of an evolution really. I began my working life as a Crabtree student apprentice at Lincoln Works back in 1979 and following the completion of my degree in electrical engineering and the end of my four year apprenticeship, I joined the electrical laboratory there as a test engineer, type testing Miniature Circuit Breakers.

I left Crabtree to work as an electronics technician, where I became involved in a project that required me to work closely with external customers modifying the product to suit their particular requirements and I discovered that I really enjoyed interacting with customers discussing technical specifications and providing support for products.

After a brief stint as a test laboratory manager testing kettles and toasters (don’t ask!), I was taken on as an applications engineer by a leading switchgear manufacturer where the job entailed providing technical support to customers for MCCBs and ACBs.

Over the years there I became a product specialist on ACBs, meeting customers and providing support to Electrical Engineers & Design Consultants and becoming a product manager when commercial responsibilities were added to the role.

I later took on the responsibility for managing a team providing the technical support for all the low voltage products, including control gear, switchgear, terminals and safety products whilst still providing a mentoring role for the product manager who took over from me.   Plus I took responsibility for the training of internal engineers and external customers and specifiers in applications and standards.

I joined Siemens to take on the product manager role for the industrial switchgear within EM-LP and the MCCB products within Electrium. As they were preparing to launch a major new MCCB range and as an experienced product manager with several product launches to my name I relish this challenge and I have been really enjoying my new role so far.

What does your job involve?

I am responsible for the industrial switchgear products of Siemens – ACBs, MCCBs, Switches and Switch fuses, Meters and MV switchgear components as well as the MCCB ranges for Electrium. I technically support and promote the products to end users, Distributors, Contactors and Specifiers. Commercially I help set UK market pricing for the products and provide market feedback to the manufacturing division on the requirements within the UK.

What do you enjoy about your job the most?

I enjoy discussing the technical aspects of applications with customers and specifiers in order to develop solutions using the products that I look after.

Are there any other women in your job/department?

No, unfortunately there are few women within the industry that hold this type of position.

Engineering is changing and perception towards engineering jobs for females should change too, with the help of National Women in Engineering Day helping to raise awareness of possible careers for young girls in the engineering industry.

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